Tuesday, February 20, 2007


In 1753 a set of rules, known as the Tulbagh Code, governing the control of slaves was issued by Rijk Tulbagh, the governor of the Cape Colony.

A curfew existed for slaves, who had to be indoors by ten o'clock at night. If they were out later they were required to carry a pass and a lantern.
  • Slaves were not allowed passage through the streets of Cape Town on horseback or in a wagon.
  • Slaves were forbidden to sing, whistle, or make any kind of sound at night.
  • Slaves could not enter public houses or taverns.
  • Slaves could not congregate in groups on public holidays.
  • Slaves were not allowed to wait near a church entrance during service.
  • Slaves could not stop to converse on the streets of Cape Town, at risk of being publicly caned.
  • Slaves who made false claims or insulted freemen of the Cape were to be punished by public flogging and to be held in chains.
  • Slaves commiting violence on their masters were to be put to death, no mercy may be shown to such offenders.
  • Slaves were not permitted to carry, or own, firearms.

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